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Tennant Rewatch

Watching and discussing the work of David Tennant

David Tennant Rewatch
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This community is a place for us to watch various TV shows and movies featuring David Tennant, with one exception: Doctor Who. The brilliant community dwrewatch already has that covered.

Code of Conduct

1. No flaming, bashing, or insulting will be tolerated. That includes but is not limited to the actors, production teams, your fellow members, or other people. BE POLITE. It's perfectly fine to say, for example, that David Morrissey's character in Blackpool is a villain and a scoundrel; it's not fine to say that people who like his character are raging lunatics. Please use good judgment.

2. This community is not a vehicle for discussing how to acquire the TV shows or movies that we discuss. Period. End of statement.

3. Please read #2 again. We are serious.

4. While this community is focused on David Tennant's work, the discussions will be targeted to a specific TV show or movie and any discussion related to that will be considered on-topic.

5. Spoilers for episodes that have not yet been viewed as a group are permitted as long as they are behind an lj-cut and clearly labeled. While we say "rewatch" here, there will be many participants who haven't seen a particular series or film before. Please be courteous and don't spoil the fun for someone.

Current Viewing Schedule

Need us for a question, comment, bit of praise, idea, or whatnot (including affiliate requests): Please use our handy-dandy Page-a-Mod.

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