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Taking a hiatus

Gang: Let's face it.  We've been quiet.  I for one am sadly behind on watching and posting. 

In the interest of giving us all some time to catch up and wind down, we're going to take an official schedule hiatus on tennant_rewatch for a few weeks while Doctor Who is being aired.  (I think the distraction is reasonable.)  So, you are all welcome to post on anything we've covered up to this point, if you're so inclined, and we'll post an updated schedule in a few weeks starting with Learners.

As usual -- if you have any questions, comment on this post or use Page-A-Mod.

Schedule Reminder!

Hey folks! Just a reminder that the posting window for Learners starts today!

Have fun with it!

Secret Smile part 2

Secret Smile Ep 2

Secret Smile episode two, aka, Drastic Times Call for Needlessly Drastic Measures.

Top offs all around, eh? WARNING! Long, and so, so many swears.Collapse )

Secret Smile, ep 1

“You know, it's funny: when I made the announcement I was looking at your mouth.”

Can't you just be HAPPY for Carrie?! Warning: longCollapse )

It's that time again ... Secret Smile!

Secret Smile is unquestionably, at least for me, David Tennant's creepiest, nastiest role.  I'll be looking forward to everyone's input on the two-parter.  Post away!

Casanova, Ep 3

Because Russell T Davies isn't happy until he breaks all of our hearts.

We're all going to die!Collapse )

Casanova Episode 3

We open (and now close) in Venice.

Episode 3Collapse )

Hair. Discuss.

I'll hold my thoughts on episode two until we finish, but I have a couple of observations to share. Visual aids help a great deal for this.

Screencaps courtesy of pfefferminzchen  via rainharbor.net